Kris Jones
Tech Services

Helping businesses overcome the biggest roadblocks to success with product strategy and simple tech solutions.

what I do


Product strategy consulting for defining a vision and creating a roadmap to making that vision a reality.

Thought Leader

Inspire and educate aspiring product managers and entrepreneurs on how to build successful products and services.

No-Code Ops

Use of no-code tech solutions to solve problems at lightspeed so you can focus on doing what you love in your business.

Want to bring tech into your business more?

I can help you develop a product strategy, implement no-code tools and simple tech solutions that will evolve how you do business.

Simple Tech Solutions

Example Use Cases

These common use cases can be transformative for small businesses.

Web Design Services

Beautiful Web Design That's Simple to Build and Maintain

Our web design services use simple tech solutions to create stunning websites that are easy to build and maintain, even for non-technical users.

Automating Repetitive Tasks

With simple tech solutions, you can automate even the most mundane tasks, such as data entry, email processing, and social media scheduling, freeing up your time for more important work.

Accept Digital Payments

Make it easier for customers to pay you. They can simply enter their credit card information on your website, and the payment will be processed immediately.

Internal Tools

Create internal tools that can streamline your business processes and boost your productivity. Internal tools can help you save time, money, and improve your bottom line.

Sales Automation

Automate sales communications, such as sending follow-up emails, scheduling appointments, and sending marketing materials to free up time to focus on more important tasks, such as building relationships with customers and closing deals.

Me & This Army

I am building a network of agencies and freelancers who would like to collaborate or offer white-label services for web design and development, mobile app development, digital marketing, SEO, graphic design, and branding strategy.